Friday, May 3, 2013

Theo Rossi of SOA on his charity, Staten Strong (Chris Weidman, Demarco Murray)

For those who have been following my "real people" stories as of late- here's a video and lots of photos about Roseanne Finn whose house was severly damaged in Hurricane Sandy. Please take a moment to watch!

Staten Strong is a charity founded by Theo Rossi of Sons of Anarchy and friends from his neighborhood in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Their charity events raise money to fund the rebuild of homes destroyed in the disaster. Bad Boy Clothing has partnered with Staten Strong for this event.

Last Sunday, we accompanied Theo, Chris Weidman & Demarco Murray to Rosanne Finn's house where they announced that she is the recipient of the next home rebuild.

Please check out the Video w/ Theo Rossi at Roseanne's house here:

Photos from the event at Rosanne Finn's House can be found here:


Photos from the charity event at Gold Bar in NYC can be found here:



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