Thursday, January 24, 2013

UFC on Fox 6 Presser Pics

Dana White kicked off the press conference by announcing Matt Hughes retirement as well as his new position with the UFC as Vice President of Athlete Development and Government relations. Matt stepped up and said a few words before Dana continued on with the presser. Cowboy mentioned he did what he wanted, got under Pettis' skin, and was ready to just get in there and fight. He also had a back and forth with John Dodson when they were asked what having a few of their guys on the card meant. John mentioned that it meant he gets messed with like a little brother. Anthony spoke on the length of time it took to heal from his injury as did Koch.

Who do you have on these fights?

Johnson or Dodson? 

Jackson or Texeira?

Pettis or Cerrone?

Koch or Llamas?

Click the link or photo below to view the pics:


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